Options Counseling

We Provide Counseling Free of Charge

Options Counseling

Are you unsure of your options and the next steps regarding your pregnancy? Our trained staff will sit with you, listen, and review all of your legal options with you, including abortion procedures, adoption choices, and parenting support. There is no judgment, and we will support you along this journey no matter what you choose.

At The Pregnancy Resource Center, we care about you and want you to be informed of your options during an untimely pregnancy. We do not perform or refer for abortions. We do provide Abortion, Adoption & Parenting Education for you. Regardless of what you choose—the decision is yours. You need to have the control in choosing what’s best for your situation and life and we want to help as you navigate through a challenging situation.

There is no better piece of mind in knowing that you are talking to someone who isn’t going to judge and will give you truthful and relevant information in a time when you need it most.

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