Adoption is not for everyone or every situation. Rather than parenting, some women see it as a good option. If there are goals that they feel would be too difficult if parenting, it works for them.

It’s a woman’s right to decide what is best and, quite honestly, no easy decisions exists in an unplanned pregnancy.

It is conducted very differently now than in years past. Today, the birth mother is respected and empowered.

If adoption is something you are considering, the Pregnancy Resource Center can provide all you need to help. You have the freedom and control to decide. Through our partnerships, we can provide resources and information for you to make the best choices.

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Adoption versus Abortion…

  • Pursue earlier goals and plans
  • Avoid having to parent prematurely
  • Be free of the financial burdens of parenting
  • Avoid being pressured into a hasty marriage
  • If you are a teen, resume your youthful lifestyle

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