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We do not perform or refer for abortions. However, we offer a private, no charge pre-abortion consultation that includes:

Confident. Control. Freedom.

Take control of your life. If you are facing a mistimed pregnancy, all your choices are going to be tough. Find out everything you need to know so you can make the right decision for you.

Here’s Some Basic Abortion Info:

Medical Abortion/Abortion Pill (5 to 7 weeks): The drug mifepristone (RU-486) is administered orally at the abortion clinic. This drug blocks the effects of progesterone, stops placenta growth, softens the cervix, and makes the uterus ready for labor.  Misoprostol is given to the patient to take 36-48 hours later outside of the clinic. It is used to start uterine contractions. Bleeding can be quite heavy and lasts for an average of nine days. A follow-up visit is important to ensure a surgical procedure is not needed to complete the process.

Vacuum Aspiration (6 to 9 weeks): The cervix is enlarged and a powerful suction tube is inserted into the uterus. The contents of the uterus are removed.

Dilation and Curettage (8 to 16 weeks): The cervix is enlarged and a steel loop-shaped blade is introduced into the uterus. The blade is used to scrape the walls of the uterus to remove contents This procedure may be followed by suction aspiration.

Methotrexate or “M&M” (5 to 9 weeks): Methotrexate is normally used for the treatment of cancers, arthritis, and certain dermatological conditions. It is not approved for abortions by the FDA, although it is sometimes used for this purpose. This drug is given by injection; it interferes with the growth process of rapidly dividing cells. Like RU-486, it is followed by misoprostol (hence the “M&M” nickname) to expel the uterus contents.

D&E (13 to 20+ weeks): In this late term abortion the cervix is dilated, either mechanically or with laminaria. The physician uses forceps to remove contents of the uterus.

D&X (20 to 32+ weeks): The procedure is also called Intact D & X, Intrauterine Cranial Decompression, and Partial Birth Abortion. It is not legal in all locations.

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Things to think about if you are considering an abortion…

  • If I am pregnant now, I am a Mom already.
  • 5 years from now will I be proud of my decision?
  • What would it mean for my future and my family’s future if I had a child now?
  • Have I considered placing my child for adoption to a two-parent family?
  • Have I considered the long & short term consequences of having an abortion?
  • How would I feel about telling my future spouse about my abortion?
  • Who might be pressuring me to have an abortion and why?
  • Who might be encouraging me to not have an abortion and why?
  • How do I feel about telling my parents about my plans for an abortion or how would I feel telling them afterwards?

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