Abortion Pill

Interested in knowing more about the Abortion Pill? They are also known as medication abortion or RU-486. Our client coordinators can provide the abortion education you need to fully understand what kinds of abortions are available for your situation. Before visiting an abortion clinic or getting any type of abortion, you will need to know.
• Am I really pregnant?
• How far along?
• Is the pregnancy active?
• Am I still at risk for an STD?
• What are the risks to my health?

Before you decide to have an abortion, Pregnancy Resource Center can help you understand your options. Make an appointment to speak with one of our client coordinators about abortion methods available to you, your personal situation and any questions you have. All services at Pregnancy Resource Center are free and confidential.

Free Pregnancy Test

Before getting any type of abortion, you will need to confirm pregnancy. Even if you have pregnancy symptoms or have taken a test at home, it helps to have a medical quality pregnancy test to confirm. Pregnancy Resource Center offers free pregnancy tests that are more accurate than many over-the-counter varieties.

Free Ultrasounds

Having an ultrasound to determine the status of your pregnancy is important before getting any kind of abortion. An ultrasound can help identify:

  • Accurate dating of your pregnancy.
  • The location of your pregnancy. If the pregnancy is not in the uterus then you are not a candidate for abortion and will need to seek immediate medical care.
  • Signs of a developing uterine pregnancy.

As many as 31% of all pregnancies will naturally miscarry – avoiding the need for abortion.

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Abortion Pill

Things to think about…

  • Most medical abortions are completed within 2 weeks, but can take up to 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Side effects include heavy bleeding, headache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and cramping
  • If this method fails, a surgical abortion will be required
  • The abortion pill is not the same thing as the morning after pill.

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